Helping you and your loved ones

Growing and Protecting your wealth

When you have worked hard to build your wealth you want to ensure that it is protected

Estate planning, wills and probate
Asset Structuring and Family Trusts
Parent to child loan agreements and wealth protection
Investment Properties


retiring and getting older

Plan for the later years of your life and enjoy them while knowing your family and loved ones will be taken care of exactly how you want them to be.

Aged care and community living
Elder law and estate planning
Granny flat agreements


Death of a loved one

When a loved and valued member of the family passes away, it is understandably a difficult time for you and the family.

Probate law
Letters of administration
Rights of beneficiaries
Executors of wills and estates
Family Provision claims
Wills and Disputes

your home

Take the stress and confusion out of buying or selling a property by letting us handle all the details for you. 

Buying and selling your home
Buying a unit or strata property
Buying a block of land
Buying a rural property
Renting your home
Tenancy disputes
eighbour disputes

everything else

Anything that causes you a bump along your road that you need a little extra assistance with. 

Criminal charges
Employment Contracts
Family Law