It human to be different, and when these differences turn to conflict, it important to obtain legal advice to ensure your legal rights are protected and a fair and just resolution is reached. Our lawyers offer a wide range of extensive knowledge and experience to give you the best outcome possible. We understand that court action can be expensive and will only advise that option after we have exhausted all other options.


We offer advice and legal representation in many areas including:

• Contested Wills

• Commercial Litigation (including debt recovery)

• Contractual Disputes

• Criminal Matters

• Insurance

• Insolvency

• Intellectual Property

• Planning and Environment

• Employment Disputes (unfair dismissal, EEO, harassment, discrimination)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a growing field that offers cost effective solutions. We acknowledge that some matters cannot be resolved with normal litigation so we capitalise this to bring our clients a cost effective resolution.

We are also available to assist our clients with:

• Mediation

• Arbitration

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